What is a hair replacement system?

A hair replacement system is what we call a pre custom or custom made hair piece for the top of the head. Since most hair extensions can only be worn if there is enough hair to cover them, a hair system
replaces hair on the top of the head.

How long does it stay on for?

Depending on the type of application, your hair system should stay on about 4 weeks with proper home maintenance.

Can I go swimming and exercise with a hair replacement system on?

Yes! As long as your wearing an extended wear piece that is bonded on, yes you absolutely can go swimming and maintain your usual routine with it on. If your system is a daily wear piece that clips on, you want to avoid submerging it while wearing, but can definitely be worn exercising.

Are they comfortable?

Yes our hair systems are very comfortable. The material for our bases are all very lightweight and breathable medical grade polymers and fabrics.

Will a hair replacement system damage my existing hair?

No. your hair will continue to grow and thrive while your hair system is worn. Hair “breathes” from the inside of the hair follicle through your blood flow. The adhesives can be removed easily from your hair with our variety of removers that leave the attached hair unaffected.

How long does the hair replacement system last?

Our hair systems will last anywhere between 9 months to a year and a half with proper hair

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